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[Count Guenther]

Count Guenther is our contributor
 extraordinary. If someone is dedicated to being at the bit-crunching machine all the time, I think it's definitely him! LOL! :-)

He is a bit tricky. I know him basically only through comms in net... first it was
something like cntbgrun or something.. Not sure; I got not the logs anymore. He seems
to be sometimes tricky :) Maybe because of the looks ???

Wrote this:

Good count was a fellow of
the LongLess Computer Society, based in Farmnass, ILL. His contribution to our articles cannot be understated. Little did I know about actual computer mechanisms, before meeting up with C. Guenther.

Maybe his diary..

He has taught me among other things:

use of anonymous make up mirrors in cable installations
how to spot the cheapest, yet good quality swiss army knives
how to cut cables
how not to screw computer equipment, in general
whether it pays or doesn't pay to participate in ad hoc lotteries
why one should always have at least one robust back up phone with ya

Guenther is really nice. His favorite passtime includes configurations,
computer science lectures, making bayesian models of really funny things
like the landing of a beer cap on a piece of turd/non-turd grass in
the summer, and of course I need to mention what caught my attention:
he is world-class theorist in acoustic semblances between a dog, and
household items like the garbage can slide mechanism.

If you have a chance to bump into Count, do so! I would like to.