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perjantai 10. joulukuuta 2010

Asperger's Analogy, a peer to peer 314-step fellowship

Have you always been the curious whiz kid? The one with perfect math scores,
and irritating, mind-boggling capability to do well in Geography, religion,
and three-headed insect biology?

You've read Dawkins' books about quantum genetics both in English, Indonesian and
Chinese? You took the long path to learn all the dialects of Chinese, not just

Perhaps your teeth were awfully protruted as a teenager and this fact was
prone to cause some social seclusion?

You are not alone!!

Consider joining Asperger's Analogy, a fellowship of really strange geeks
in the Internet.

AA is a 314-step program to unwield and rewind your brain power. Our sole
purpose of existence is to continuously question and research infinity,
yet at the same time accept infinity as a figure of 8 lying on its side.

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